HBC is a volunteer-based organization with a variety of committees and individuals who work to improve and maintain the Club community. Without volunteers HBC would not exist! We are always in need of more help and open to ideas of how to make our Club better.  So, if you have some spare time and want to get involved, see where you fit in, or propose a new position you would be willing to take on.

HBC requires volunteers each rowing season to:

  • Assume various Steward positions with the HBC Operations Committee.
  • Assist with the Learn-to-Row Program.
  • Assist with assembling Regatta Entries.
  • Assist With managing Private Boat Storage.
  • Cutting the grass and maintaining the Club grounds.
  • Assist with Club Facility Maintenance.
  • Assist with Uniform Orders.
  • Assist with boat repairs and maintenance (please see the Head Coach for instructions before making any repairs or adjustments to Club equipment).
  • Assist with external relations with Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (“OHSF”) and the Toronto Waterfront Associations.
  • Assist with the HBC website.
  • Assist with planning HBC social events.
  • Remove garbage and recycling from the Club grounds.

Check the website and the Club emails for other volunteer opportunities.