1. Attendance

The sprint regatta season is designed to progress from smaller local regattas to the provincial and then national / international regattas. As a club, Hanlan is striving to build a reputation as a strong, competitive club; therefore, it is important to ensure Hanlan athletes are prepared to race at the large, high-profile regattas. It is mandatory to attend at least one CORA before attending the Ontario Championships or Ontario Master Championships, and you must race at the provincial level in order to compete at Henley or any other national / international regatta.

2. Club Covered Expenses

In addition to the regatta fees previously listed, Hanlan covers the truck and trailer expenses of transporting Club boats and some privately-owned boats to all regattas being attended by the Club. The expenses include maintenance fees, fuel, and insurance for the truck and trailer and the boats during transportation.

3. Loading & Unloading

It is the responsibility of each person to ensure all boats they are rowing at a regatta are properly fastened to the trailer, and that all riggers, nuts and bolts, seats, and oars are placed on the trailer for transportation.  Only the transportation steward or coach is allowed to move or retie a boat the athletes have tied on the trailer.  A boat-tying lesson will be held prior to the first trailer-loading session.  Topics to be covered include the proper tying techniques with the various ties, and important facts to remember regarding placement of boats on the trailer.  Attendance is mandatory for all athletes who will be placing boats on the Club trailer. 

4. Loading at Regattas

Everyone who uses a boat transported on the trailer is responsible for loading the entire trailer. Do not leave the trailer loading to the crew with the latest race. Do not leave the regatta until the coach or trailer driver has granted permission.

5. Rigging & De-Rigging

It is the responsibility of each athlete to ensure all boats they have raced are de-rigged, ready to be loaded on the trailer, and at the appropriate time are available to lift the boat onto the trailer. It is equally the responsibility of each athlete to ensure that those boats are promptly re-rigged and returned to the appropriate location in the boathouse after the trailer’s return to Hanlan

6. Involvement

Sport rowers who do not wish to compete, but would like to partake in other ways at the regattas, are encouraged to attend an umpire clinic and become certified to help run the regattas.  It is a great way to be on the water and in the action.