Day 4 - Cup O' Noodles and Nevada.

First order of business, repair my broken derailleur chain.  I had the use of only my granniest gears.  On the plus side, the next couple kms of my ride were downhill.  On the other hand, the nearest bike shop was in Carson City.  That's 46kms out from Woodfords, for the curious.  It was a long morning.

Fortunately, the ride was spectacular.  Ranches everywhere, surrounded by mountains, cactii, and tumbleweed.  Very picturesque Nevada. 

Upon reaching Carson City, I sought out The Bike Smith (900 Carson St North, if I recall).  The mechanic there was amazing, and repaired the derailleur chain for free!  Apparently they get many touring cyclists like me coming through, and love to help out.  After buying a replacement tube, and stopping at a diner called Adele's (do not recommend...very old cat lady feel to it, but good service), I was on my way. 

The goal for the day?  Fallon, NV.  I whipped through Dayton, Stagecoach, and Silver Springs before pulling into the Fallon RV Park, about 9k out from the city proper.  A good stop, and a great chance for me to try out my little pot/stove combo!  A couple minutes of boiling water and I was eating cups of noodles flavoured (somewhat dubiously) with chicken, and tucked into my tent.

Word to the wise - Nevada gets cold.  This is a lesson I would learn over and over through the next couple days, but still comes as a surprise.  It hasn't been the heat of the state that has got to me (though it can get hot), but rather the cold at nights.  And the wind!  Can it ever blow!  More on the wind on Day 6.