Day 34 - Charlie

I woke up in the morning at the Baptist church in Sebree to discover a casualty.  My iPad had been plugged in, and during the night a power surge fried my only charging cable (the iPad still doesn't charge, and requires to be plugged in in order to work).

A few things of note occured during the day.  I had my first run in with the loose dogs of the Kentucky/Virginia area.  During my ride, I had the pleasure of meeting a large boxer.  Let's call him Barky-Chasey.  Barky-Chasey ran up to me and said hi, but made the mistake of running in front of my bike before I could stop and got his paw caught.  Thankfuly no damage was done, but I left before I could see if Barky-Chasey was ok.   

During my lunch break, I met a nice man.  I was in a small diner in rural KY, and was enjoying some of the local brisket.  A gap toothed individual and I got to talking, which was great.  I even found out that he intended to run for President in 2016, and that he would change the face of America! 

Not much else during the day happened, though I had a tremendous day of riding to Sonora, KY.  There weren't many places to stay in that 500 person town.  In fact, there was only one.  I checked in for the night at the Thurman-Phillips B&B.  This joint was built in 1897 and was really well put together for an old girl.  I had the delight of staying in a 4 poster bed (really radical change from my tent), but had the honor of meeting Charlie. 

Charlie ran the place, and was himself a Thurman.  Further, he was the definition of a southern gentleman.  It was a shame that I was there only a short period, as he was a tremendous host - from providing me with dinner to satisfying a lonely ear with conversation.  Definitely the highlight of Kentucky. 

(Pics of the Thurman house to phone/camera has suffered an unfortunate water-related injury and is resting in a bed of rice.)