Day 31 - Escaping Oz

I think I'm done now...maybe.  It is 9:30 pm on June 3rd.  I'm at a 24 hr laundromat in Chester, IL.  I just did a load of horribly rancid biking gear, and feel much better about myself.

Morning: Wake up in Elliotville on the hostel cot, Jeffrey from Germany starting to move about as well.  Jeffrey is on his second tour - his first was from Germany to Barcelona.  Muy interesante!  His English is passable, though there is a noticeable language barrier.  Good on him for making the journey solo.  He also started in SF, but did a detour to skip highway 50 and Utah.  Sounds like he spent time in Vegas, then jumped to Pueblo, CO.  Ahhh just livin' the life. 

Throughout the day, Jeffrey and I kept running into each other.  I would pull ahead, and whenever I stop for water/food he would be in 15-20 mins later.  Great guy, but my inner rower was screaming at me to not let him get any "overlap" after I had already got open water.  My final goodbye to Jeffrey was around lunchtime.  Happy trails! 

I ran into a quite large group of cyclists doing a TransAm tour set up by the Adventure Cycling Association (the company that sold me my maps).  They piled into the diner I was having breakfast at in Centerville, MO.  One guy in particular seemed quite distressed that I made the jump (early in my trip - days 1 to 4) from SF to Carson City so quickly.  Sorry dude! 

By evening, I reached the raging Mississippi River, and the home of Popeye the Sailor Man - Chester, IL.  Another state down.  Bye Bye Missouri, I won't miss your land of Oz. to find the city park from here at 9:30 pm...maybe laundry could have waited until the morning?  Nah.  Just follow the yellow brick road. 

Easy logging truck...easy.

Easy logging truck...easy.