Day 2 - The Climb and the Hail.

I woke up on the outskirts of Sacramento, and scampered away from my spooky campsite very early in the morning.  No way did I want to stay there!

Thankfully, Folsom, CA, was much more hospitable.  I sat down at the Sutter Creek Grill (It's almost like the place was made for me!) and ordered about 2 people's worth of food.  And what do you know, some nice lady decided to pick up my bill!  The waitress wouldn't tell me who, so I couldn't thank her in person, but I suspect it was the couple I had been talking to about my trip earlier.  Thanks Folsomites!! 

Folsom might have been the last town remotely close to sea-level that I will pass through until Kansas.  Hello mountains, goodbye legs.

The rest of this entry I will keep short.

I at lunch at Placerville, CA.  Got caught in a hail storm - where did that come from?  Even caught the locals unawares.  Couldn't make my intended night destination (Cooks Station), and ended up in Fair Play, CA. 

Fair Play was surrounded by vineyards, and would have been quite nice if it hadn't been late and me without a defined sleeping location.  Thankfully, the good people of California and their generosity was seen again.  I stayed the night with some locals (Jay, Mike, and Tyra - thanks guys!) and even got breakfast on the morning of Day 3. 

A note on Cooks Station - I reached that on Day 3, but would highly recommend it as a campground, even though I didn't stay there myself.  The people running the joint were very friendly, and let you camp out back (for a small fee, as expected).  They then send you off in the morning with some turkey sandwiches.  Sounds like it would have been fantastic!  I'm happier to have spent the night at Jay's though, even though it was slightly off route. 

That wasn't really short, was it.