Day 15 - Dolores, CO: the Foot of the Rockies

Colorado, at last!  Gotta love a new state day.  I'm glad that I made it in good time, given that I'm operating with a shorter chain.  Thankfully my end-of-day destination has a bike shop.


This is a joke, right?

This is a joke, right?

Given that I'm writing this a couple days later, I can't say that I remember much of my inauspicious entrance to Colorado.  I remember the wind, but what else is new.  There was a lot of farmlands...again, what else is new?

Really, the highlight of the day was when I pulled into Dolores, and beelined it for the bike shop: Lizardhead Cyclery.  Nicholas, the owner/mechanic, went straight to work replacing my chain.  He then outdid himself by doing a quick once over on my bike and tightening the (many) loose bits.  The piece-de-resistance was his innovative insertion of old tires into my handlebars, under the grip tape.  I had been experiencing some numbness in my pinkies as my hands were too big for the handlebars as they were.  Speaking a couple days ahead of Day 15, those bits of extra padding helped a whole lot.  Thanks again, Nicholas! (

Everyone in town was raving about the warm winds that would push me up to the Lizard's Head Pass (10,000ft) the next day, apparently a function of the land warming up during the day and creating a wind that rises up the mountain.  I was really excited to experience it!