Day 10 - Cedar Mountain

After my little afternoon's break, this day's challenge was to climb Cedar Mountain, which ran about 10,500 feet.

Not very long into the ride (which was basically a long, gradual uphill over 29kms to the summit), as the Mule and I were on the long and dusty road, all of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon!  In the middle of the road!  And he said, "You have to stop, there is construction ahead". 

Drat.  I can't resort to eating construction.  By the way - beef jerky is delicious.  I heartily recommend that you all buy 1,000 packs right now and eat them immediately.  Thankfully, it was early in the morning, and there was no danger of being overly delayed by this demon/construction worker. 

The summit (almost 4 hours into my day), was fantastic.  The views were incredible.  It was surreal to be biking along next to foot tall snowbanks and look out onto Utah and seeing dry canyons and hills. 

Unfortunately, no pictures are available at the moment, as my camera battery decided to go on Day 11.  I'll use my phone in the meantime to take pics.  Hopefully I can get the camera back up and running. 

I finished the day in Tropic, Utah.  It wasn't as warm as the name advertised.  However, I made it through the night camped in a little RV Park and was ready to begin Day 11.