Hanlan Boat Club is a member of the Ontario Adventure Rowing Association, and participates in the association’s events at various distances including half and full-marathons in doubles or quads. The Club’s membership allows Hanlan recreational rowers to participate in all touring events and stream 1 sanctioned events.


LTR or Previous Experience


Ability to Swim | Moderate Physical Fitness 


18+ | Fee includes RCA registration


Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is giving us a great opportunity to kick start Open Water/Coastal Rowing on Lake Ontario. The club has been loaned 2 Eurodiffusions YOLE 25 (double) in addition to our private fleet.

Why open water/coastal rowing on Lake Ontario?

If you’ve been involved with rowing long enough, it should not be a surprise to you that the amount of protected flat water in the GTA is hard to find. This is one of the greater factors that limit the growth of the sport in the region. The ‘flat water’ rowing clubs in Ontario’s urban areas have little room for growth. Introducing open water rowing, which is fully recognized by FISA World Rowing, is an attempt to spur growth at the provincial level by providing the ability to access the water pretty much anywhere along Lake Ontario, Simcoe and the Muskokas. 

Strange design? 

Glancing at one of these boats you might be a bit surprised as they look rather big, but their design is regulated by FISA; the minimum length, width, height and weight are defined. The Eurodiffusions doubles match the exactly minimum requirements. They are self-­‐bailing, 1-meter wide, 7.5 meter long and weight 55kg. The self-bailing design is achieved by raising the rower above the water line and cutting an opening at the stern. When you sit in the boat, the U shape opened stern sits above the waterline. Eurodiffusions has also added the rising rigger concept. While you row, the riggers lean flat on top of the deck, but if caught in a big wave, they are allowed to rise up this prevents your hands to slam down your lap with the risk of breaking the oar. The rest of it is just like a regular racing shell.

Why Hanlan?

RCA chose Hanlan for this initiative because of our recent history of strong involvement with this type of rowing. Our members own open water racing shells and we recently acquired two Hudson T11. We have an open water long distance racing program, we have increased our involvement with local and rowing communities, we are launching the first sanctioned open water regatta in Ontario, and lastly, of course, we are familiar with rowing in rough lake waters!

JC Marly, Coastal Rowing Coordinator

JC Marly has over 30 years of rowing experience as a competitive junior, senior, masters. He now focusses on long distance races and coastal rowing.

Email: with inquiries.