Trailer donation welcomed to Hanlan

Hanlan's annual barbecue supper held on Wednesday August 28 was the perfect occasion to highlight the very generous donation of a new trailer to the grounds.  It was no secret that Hanlan's old one had long since passed it best before date.  Kenaidan Contracting Ltd., the donor of the new trailer, did an excellent, efficient job of demolishing the old trailer and removing all the debris prior to delivering and installing the new one. trailer demolition

How did this fabulous donation come about?   A number of years ago, Margaret and Shannon Flatley rowed in the Havergal College program whose home is Hanlan Boat Club.  The Hanlan trailer, decrepit even then, caused their father Aidan Flatley to remark several times that he really should donate a new trailer from his company Kenaiden Construction Ltd to Hanlan.  Meanwhile his daughters went on to row in university programs and he continued served on the board of Havergal along with Edwina Stoate, a Hanlan rower in the masters program.  Well recently, Edwina reminded him of his promise of bygone years and the new trailer installed to the north of the east boathouse is the happy result, seen here with all those members enjoying the annual  bbq.  

bbq & trailer

That evening a plaque honouring the donor was affixed to the trailer.  The trailer has a small room at each end with a larger space in the middle.  Nick Matthews, club president, said that one small room will be fitted out as a first aid station.  The second will be used as an office.  The center area will be for storing the floater suits and other items as well as a meeting place.

The trailer is in good condition and only a few housekeeping chores remain to be completed.  The interior will be repainted, the stairs need fastening to the trailer, and a power line will be installed along with a motion-sensitive light on the exterior to light the path for those who row in the dark, early morning hours.

Hanlan Boat Club is extremely grateful to Aidan Flatley and Kenaidan Construction for this very generous donation.  The Club also very much appreciates Edwina Stoate's initiative in securing the donation.  It will make a huge difference to Hanlan Boat Club and its new location has freed up space suitable for more boat storage.  A huge thank you to everyone involved.