Tony Biernacki Regatta - Season Opener

Story by Deb Cumming Hanlan had a VERY respectable day at the Tony Biernacki Regatta on Saturday, June 15 in Welland-- good racing, good results, good weather and wind, not to mention lots of fun.  The regatta was on the south course (we rowed the second 1000 metres of the course) and it was, as usual, well organized.  It was interesting to drive by the north course where there is a lot of activity underway.  Construction for the Pan Am Games includes a grandstand, a two-storey boathouse, new docks everywhere, what appears to be a presentation area and most of the embankment has been re-graded.  It's quite something.

We had a day of solid performances.  Harry Vanderlugt was Hanlan's poster boy with two golds and a bronze but everybody had pretty good races and a few learning experiences along the way.  Harry won gold in singles (lightweight and open) and bronze in mixed doubles with Kelly Brigley.  Kelly also earned a silver in her single race.

Tracey Clingen and Jeannette Herle qualified in their doubles heat and then had a solid fourth in the Womens C2x event.  Jeanette also finished strongly in her singles race in 4th place.  Tracey also rowed a Womens B quad with Sara Erskine, Melanie McNeill, and Lissa Mangano to earn bronze.  Sara and Lissa also had a second race winning bronze in the Womens A2x.

Jennifer Dickie and Tristan Armesto placed 3rd in their mixed 2x.  They immediately jumped into a quad with Shaila Bansal and Malinda Francescut to finish 4th.  It was a good result considering the crew didn't meet the usual 50:50 male:female ratio.

Susie Wright and Deb Cumming finished 3rd in their Womens 2x as did Craig Lauder and Peter Heywood in their Mens 2x.  The two doubles combined to finish 2nd in a mixed quad.  A sign that the sum is sometimes greater than the total of the parts?

Angela Desand rowed competitively and strongly to finish 4th in her Womens 1x.

I think that's it...lots of bronzes, a few silvers with Harry showing us all how to compete and row for gold.  It was a fun day and as coach Michael Sasi so nicely put's OK not to win at the Biernacki, there is a lots of season left.

Many thanks to Michael Sasi for driving the trailer, rigging, loading and unloading, coaching, counselling and being there for Hanlan's Masters.