Success at Biernacki Regatta

With help from Deb Cumming

Eighteen crews from Hanlan headed to Welland for the Tony Biernacki Sr. Memorial Regatta held on the north international flat water course on Saturday June 14.  Veteran Masters competitors were joined by crews who are relatively new to competitive rowing - a welcome sign of growth at Hanlan.

Eric Szonyi had the performances of the day for Hanlan.  He won his single by open water finishing the race with a big grin on his face, thrilled with racing in his new shell.  He doubled with Jerome Haas to win gold in the Men's Masters A-C double.

Gold medals were also won by Jeanette Herrle in the Women's Lightweight Single and Harry Vanderlugt in the Men's Lightweight Single.  Deb Cumming and Susan Wright took home silver in the Women's D+ Double.

Also deserving mention are Craig Lauder and Harry Vanderlugt who both entered (and completed) four races on the day.  In all it was perfect day - overcast but a nice temperature - at a well-organized regatta.  Hanlan Masters were very grateful to have both head coach Michael Sasi and Ben Haber (Masters coach) at the regatta to provide leadership, feedback, and encouragement.

Full results are below:

  • Women's C 2x - Nicola Worsfold and Tracey Clingen, 4th in heat
  • Women's D 2x - Deb Cumming and Susan Wright, 2nd in final
  • Men's Lightweight Single - Harry Vanderlugt 1st and Tristan Armesto 5th.  (Tristan was 2nd before handicaps were applied to times)
  • Women's Lightweight Single - Jeanette Herrle, 1st
  • Women's AA-B single - Jennifer Dickie, 6th
  • Men's D+ quad - Harry Vanderlugt, Nick Matthews, John Sherrick, Craig Lauder - 5th
  • Men's AA-C 2x - Jerome Haas and Eric Szonyi, 1st
  • Men's E-F 1x - Craig Lauder, 2nd in heat, 5th in final
  • Men's H+ 1x - Harry Vanderlugt, 3rd; John Sherrick, 4th
  • Women's C+ quad - Susan Wright, Deb Cumming, Lissa Mangano, Sara Erskine - 5th;
  • And Claudia Stott, Melanie McNeill, Nicola Worsfold and Tracey Clingen, 6th
  • Mixed 2x - Jennifer Dickie and Tristan Armesto - 4th
  • Men's AA-C 1x - Eric Szonyi, 1st; Jerome Haas, 4th
  • Men's F 2x - Harry Vanderlugt and John Sherrick, 4th
  • Mixed 4 x - Jeanette Herrle, Melanie McNeill, Tristan Armesto and Craig Lauder, 4th