Some Creatures are Stirring...

Not all is quiet at Hanlan Boat Club despite the absence of on-water rowing during the winter months.  Some creatures are definitely stirring and then some.

Two of the stalwart erg rowers - Jill Vandal and Brian Singleton - rose to the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge of rowing a minimum of 100,000 kilometres in the four weeks between American Thanksgiving and December 24.  Jill, completing the event for about 11 or so years in a row, finished an impressive 200,441 kilometres.  Brian Singleton covered 136,334 kilometres.  Concept 2 donates 2 cents per kilometre rowed to one of four different charities during the Challenge.

Looming on the horizon is the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championship on Sunday February 1st at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  If Hanlan members can be prepared to compete over the 2,000 metre-distance by the date, good on you.  It makes the Club look good to have you there in the middle of the fray.  If not, please consider volunteering for the morning or afternoon to represent Hanlan at this event.  It is also good for the Club to have a volunteer presence. 

Happy new Year to all.