Hanlan Helps with Filming

A pilot episode of a new television series being filmed in Toronto - King and Maxwell -- has called upon Hanlan's services in a number of ways.  Our Club Captain Kelly Brigley has been the "rowing advisor"on the set in addition to transporting a rowing shell to the shoot sites and helping with the organization of the rowing shoot.  Lauren Brown, Hanlan's Junior girls and Learn-to-Row coach, was hired to coach the lead actress, who plays the part of a rower in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  We heard that the actress used to row at school but she still suffered a chilly reintroduction to the sport on her first outing in a single. Lauren also worked with Kelly on logistical details and in the end was hired to be a "double" in some of the shots filmed at Kew Beach and at Argos.

  Kelly Brigley (left) and Lauren Brown "on the set".

Hanlan Boat Club is very grateful to Hugh Fletcher and Bob Kusiak who loaned their jointly-owned single for the filming.  They have most generously donated their boat rental fee to the new boathouse capital fund.