Hanlan at CORA London

If the growth in the senior program hasn't been noticed around the Hanlan docks, it was clearly evident at the CORA regatta held on Fanshawe Lake in London on Saturday July 6.  From a handful of athletes last year, Hanlan entered nearly 50 senior athletes in addition to its expanded roster of junior crews and some Masters participants.  But the results show that it isn't just about the numbers but also the quality. Three gold medals were brought home but importantly there were also a raft of second and third place finishes.   Just a stroke here and a stroke there, as every rower knows, can change the order of finish in the blink of an eye.

Alex Soutter was victorious in the Senior Mens Single as were Phil and Steve Malinas, Jeff Chadwick and Ian Finlay in the Senior Mens Quad.  Hanlan's Senior Men's Double teams of Steve Malinas and Jeff Chadwick and Matt Zhou and Ben Haber were first and second.  Crossing the line first, but placed third due to refereeing confusion was Kelly Brigley in the Masters Women B single.

Congratulations to all the athletes for a strong competition.  Also a thank you to coaches Michael Sasi and Lauren Brown for master minding the expansion of Hanlna's competitive programs.