Fall Season

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the summer season and that you have attained your goals. As we head into the fall season, there are just a few housekeeping items that everyone needs to remember.1) If you row before the sun comes up, or when the sun is going down, proper lights must be used on your boat - white flashing light on the bow and red flashing light on the stern. 2) Every crew must sign in and out of the log books. There is one for each boat house.  As general boat traffic on the water decreases and the rowing conditions become less than perfect, it is important to have a record that you are out on the water. 3) Please close the front gate after you go through it. This is a safety precaution to ensure everyone's belongings are safe while we are out on the water. 4) If you damage a boat, or find the boat you are to row is not in proper condition, please tell either Michael Sasi or myself.  Then we may assess and have the issue addressed. Rowing equipment that is damaged will only further damage the boat. Moreover, it can potentially put anyone rowing the boat in danger. 5) After each row when you are storing the boat, make sure that all vent caps are open.  This allows any water that might have accumulated inside the boat during your row to evaporate. This is very important, especially if you flip a boat or know that there is water in the boat. Before putting a boat away that has water in it, try to get as much water out of the boat as possible. Not doing this will waterlog the boat causing permanent damage.

Happy and safe rowing! Thanks, Kelly Brigley Hanlan Club Captain