Docks Are Out

A great group of Hanlan members and University of Toronto rowers turned out on Saturday November 17 to take the docks out of the water, cleanup the boathouse and grounds, and close the Hanlan Boat Club for the season.  The University of Toronto rowers focussed on the docks - detaching the sections, removing the stabilizing cables, paddling the sections to shore, and attaching the sections to the crane for removal from the water.  Meanwhile, Hanlan members were busy unrigging every boat stored on the outside racks and then finding a place in the boathouse for each shell.  Some members busied themselves cleaning up the boathouse and grounds.  The truck was loaded with all the detritous and has been taken to the garbage disposal facility.  Loose clothing, unclaimed at the annual meeting, has been donated to Goodwill.

Hanlan is now closed for all rowing until April 1, 2013 or so, depending on the weather.  In the meantime planning is underway for the 2013 season.  All contact informations remains active.  Thank you to everyone who turned out and worked so cheerfully to complete the seasonal, closing tasks.