Deepest Dark of Winter Photo Contest Re-Announcement!

Since winter seems to have waited until now to start, the inaugural Deepest Dark of Winter Photo Contest has been pushed forward so we can all look at wonderful glorious warm summer photos when we actually need it!  

Please submit your favourite/best/funniest/most uplifting photos from the Summer season and you'll have a chance to win ULTIMATE BRAGGING RIGHTS and future newsletter fame! You'll also contribute to helping all of us members make it through the cold, hard Winter months, and everyone's sanity in general.

Who will be the Winner of the Obligatory Sunrise Photo From The Dock, and Winner of the Stern of the Boat Plus Aren't You Jealous of This Water? Or what about Let's Take a Skyline Shot From Here and Definitely the Grossest Giantest Blister of the Season?

Please submit all photos to, with the subject heading "photo contest".  Deadline is February 1.

Thanks in advance for your submissions!