Boat Christening with Style

Story by Hugh Fletcher, photos by Petra U JC Marly christening Tschantches.  Carefully!

It's not clear sure which JC Marly loves more, Toto or his new boat which has been christened Tchantchès.  Regardless,  he is now the proud owner of both an open water and a coastal double.  Perhaps it's debatable but nothing is more fun than surfing in the coastal double in big waves.  JC was last seen doing donuts in the waves and shouting at the top of his lungs, but don’t feel you have to emulate him.

Last Thursday, August 15, at Hanlan Boat Club Jo Paska supplied the champagne and the new boat was duly christened. The evening rowers contributed  a feast of barbequed sausages, various cheeses, salads and other goodies.  Not only was it a christening, but the rowers also raised another $80 for the oar fund.

Thank you to the evening rowers who organized the bbq and raised money for the oar fund.

It was another great evening at Hanlan.

P. S.  Please note that the coastal doubles at Hanlan are not club boats.  Two are on loan from OAR and will be returned soon.   Obviously,  JC’s boat is privately owned.  It should not be taken out without permission.