3 Hanlan Scullers at Nationals

Three of Hanlan's senior scullers - Kate Sauks, Megan Lewicki and Steve Malinas - were on the RowOntario team that competed at the 2014 RCA National Rowing Championships.   The regatta for small boats only featured singles and pairs events on the Elk Lake course in Victoria, BC.  Held over the weekend of November 7 to 9, the regatta offered multiple races within each event to determine a final order of finish for each competitor.  The first two days offered pristine rowing conditions while the 3rd was windy but not nearly as strong as forecast.

In the Lightweight Women's Single, Kate Sauks placed 3rd in her heat to advance to the 1/4 finals.  Placing 2nd in the 1/4 finals, she advanced to the A-B semi-finals.  Her 4th place finish in that stage qualified her for the B final.  In this final race, Kate placed second with a time of 7:36.984.

Racing in the same event was Megan Lewicki.  Megan also started with a 3rd place finish in the heats to advance to the 1/4 finals.  In that race, she placed 5th and advanced to the C-D semi-finals.  In the semi-final, Megan placed 3rd to advance to the C final.  In her final race, Megan won the C final in a time of 7:53.605.

On the men's side, Steve Malinas competed in a very heavily subscribed Heavyweight Men's Single.  A time trial finish of 44th put him into the E-H 1/4 finals.  In that stage, Steve placed 6th and advanced to the G-H semi-final.  In the semi-final, a 2nd place finish advanced him to the G final.  In this his final race, he was 5th with a time of 7:25.958.

Congratulations to these Hanlan scullers for their showing at this elite season-ending regatta.