2012 Tony Biernacki Sr Memorial Regatta

Hanlan Boat Club had a banner start to the competitive season of sprint rowing at the Tony Biernacki Sr Memorial Regatta held in Welland on Sunday June 17.  Eight first place finishes were complemented by the many strong rows by all Hanlan crews.  A great start to the 2012 season under our new coach Michael Sasi.  A warm congratulations to all our athletes.

  • Women C 2x  1st  Heather Talbot and Bonita Tenn
  • Women's E-G 2x  1st   Deb Cumming and Susan Wright
  • Mens Lightweight 1x  3rd   Harry Vanderlugt
  • Women's Lightweight 1x  1st  Kate Sauks;  6th  Angela Desand
  • Women's A-B 1x  3rd  Kelly Brigley
  • Men's AA-A-B 1x  1st  Ian Finlay
  • Men's E  1x  4th  Richard MacFarlane
  • Women's B 4x  2nd  Alison Collins, Heather Talbot, Bonita Tenn, and Kelly Brigley
  • Mixed B-C  2x  2nd  Kate Sauks and Ian Finlay
  • Men's G 1x  1st  Harry Vanderlugt;  3rd  John Sherrick
  • Women's AA-A-B  2x   Lee Sela and Megan Lewicki
  • Men's AA-A-B  1x   1st  Alex Soutter
  • Men's F+ 2x  4th  John Sherrick and Harry Vanderlugt