2012 Ontario Summer Games

Story by Kelly Brigley, Club Captain.

Hanlan's Tessa Buchan competed at the 2012 Ontario Summer Games held last week in Toronto, finishing a very strong eighth.  Tessa, competing with Sarah Watt from Don Rowing Club, proved to be a great competitor both in spirit and skill, even though they only met the day before the competition.

Rowing at the Ontario Summer Games was unique this year as it combined both a skills "rowdeo" and a knock-off sprint race.  Points were awarded for each of the following skills.

  1. Back up and lock.  Demonstrating the athlete's ability to back into a start gate and hold the boat's position for 5 seconds.
  2. Start and stop.  Demonstrating the ability to do a racing start and then quickly stop at the umpire's discretion.
  3. Figure eight.  Rowing a figure eight pattern around two anchored buoys, keeping as close as possible to the buoys but not touching them.
  4. Wide turn.  Turning the boat in a 60 degrees arc to pass through two anchored buoys.

Tessa and Sarah did a great job on these skills, demonstrating that with spirit and teamwork they could get the job done.  The skills tests were followed by 3 rounds of sprint knock-offs; ie, two boats at a time raced side by side, trying to either hold their rank or climb higher.  Tessa and Sarah were holding their own until the second round when Tessa's shoes came right out of the boat.  Despite the equipment malfunction, the girls repaired their equipment and easily won the final round .

Hanlan is proud of Tessa's participation in the Ontario Summer Games and looks forward to her wearing Club colours at future regattas.  For photos of the day's event, please click HERE.