2012 Henley Masters

Neither wind, rain, huge waves, nor a two hour delay could keep Hanlan Masters from having a stellar regatta at the Henley Masters held on Sunday August 5 in St. Catharines.  Of the 40 clubs participating in the regatta, Hanlan's team was the fifth largest.  In the morning the water conditions were nearly unrowable but they did improve in the afternoon after a two-hour delay.  It was a great day for Hanlan with four gold medals, one more than last year, and some really outstanding performances that were also medal-worthy.  Remember that Henley is a regatta that awards a medal only to first-place finishers.  Hanlan's races were also a credit to Michael Sasi, who in his first year with Hanlan, has totally revitalized the Masters program.  Here are the detailed results. Henley Gold

  • Tara Hunter                                    Masters Women Single A
  • Tara Hunter and Elizabeth Taylor    Masters Women Double A
  • Susan Wright and Deb Cumming     Masters Women Double E   (These ladies also won in 2011 and 2010.!!)
  • John Sherrick and Harry Vanderlugt   Masters Men Double G  ( A special congrats to John on his first Henley gold after 20 years of trying.  He trains harder than anyone I know, despite a "new" hip less than one year ago.)

Other Results

  • Satinder Singh    4th   Masters Men Single H  (this race was won by Ralph Manktelow, a former Club Captain at Hanlan)
  • Barb Prevedello and Di Mara  2nd    Masters Women Double E
  • Bonita Tenn and Heather Talbot  2nd   Masters Women Double C
  • Angela Desand   4th in heat,  Masters Women Single B
  • Elizabeth Taylor  2nd  Masters Women Single B
  • Kelly Brigley     3rd   Masters Women Single B
  • Harry Vanderlugt  2nd by a photo finish,  Masters Men Single G
  • John Sherrick  5th   Masters Men Single G
  • Susanne Vanderlugt  3rd  Masters Women Single G
  • Nick Matthews and Vic Gustavison  3rd  Masters Men Double G