2012 Head of the Welland

Hanlan brought home three gold and two silver medals from the Head of the Welland this year. Particularly gratifying was the increased presence of the junior team among the 17 Hanlan crews.  The Club's efforts to develop the junior program over the summer are already bearing fruit with greatly increased participation.  It was great to see five of the seventeen Hanlan crews participating this year were juniors.  First place finishers were Jeannette Herle in the Women's novice single; Craig Thompson, Andrew Stewart, Barb Prevedello and Diane Mara in the Mixed Masters Quad; and Alex Soutter in the Men's Open single.  Coongratulations to our "partner" clubs - Upper Canada College who was first in the Mens Junior Four and to University of Toronto which had entries in the Mens Lightweight single and doubles, finishing third as well as third in the Womens Lightweight double.

Other results were:

  • Women Masters Single   2nd  Elizabeth Taylor
  • Men's Junior Four  4th   Vincent Harrison, Malcolm McKenzie, Trevor Thorburn, Justin Fong and Aaron Ho (cox)
  •                             12th  Edward Munn, James Griffith, Peter Kim, Drew Willoughby and Nokhil Kassim (cox)
  • Womens Junior Eight  7th  Mauricie Summers, Tessa Buchan, Daniella Whitelaw, Maddie Harlow, Shannon Dowling, Sydney Payne, Lexi Ensor, Julie Malowaney, and Nadia Monk (cox)
  • Mens Masters Double  2nd  Jeff Alex and Eric Szonyi
  • Mens Masters Single  9th  Eric Szonyi; 15th John Sherrick; 28th  Nick Matthews; 31st Avtar Dhanota
  • Womens Junior Four  6th  Lexi Ensor, Julia Malowaney, Shannon Dowling, Maddie Harlow and Nadia Monk (cox)
  • Womens Masters Double  2nd  Bonita Tenn and Kelly Brigley
  • Mens Junior Eight  5th  Nord Hunter, DJ Schnekenburger, Liam Findlay, Gregory Cupillari, James Coady, Wilder Walker-Stewart, Alohishek Chaudry, Daniel Kovacs-Dacosta, and Alan Harris (cox)
  • Womens Masters Eight  6th  Lucy Banberger, Susan Beswick, Tara Duncan, Pam Vince, Malinda Francescut, Melanie McNeill, Tracey Clingen, and Jennifer Dickie, and Jeannette Herle (cox)