2012 Head of the Trent

Twenty-one crews from Hanlan made the trip to Peterborough to race in the 2012 Head of the Trent regatta.   Our partner club, University of Toronto also had numerous crews racing.  Particularly noteworthy for depth of participation were the seven Hanlan boats contending in the Grand Masters Single Men's event.  Four third-place finishes were the best results of the day -  Alex Soutter in the Club Single Men, Jeff Alex in the Masters Single Men and again in the Masters Double Men with Eric Szonyi, and Barb Prevedello and friends in the Recreational Eight. Results were:

  • Club Single Men  Alex Soutter  3rd
  • Masters Single Men  Jeff Alex  3rd and Alex Szonyi 5th
  • Grand Masters Single Men  Stephen Roedde  6th, Harry Vanderlugt 13th, John Sherrick 14th, Rick Clarke 15th, Avtar Dhanota 19th, Satinder Singh, 21st, and Richard MacFarlane 22nd
  • Club Single Women  Lexi Ensor 15th
  • Masters Single Women  Jeannette Herrle 4th
  • Masters Men Double  Jeff Alex and Eric Szonyi 3rd, John Sherrick and Harry Vanderlugt 15th
  • Recreational Eight  Barb Prevedello and friends 3rd, JC Marly and Crew 9th (with a 40 second penalty!!!)
  • Club Coxed Four Men  Hanlan Juniors 5th and 14th
  • Club Double Women  Elizabeth Watering and Tara Hunter 5th
  • Masters Double Women  Kelly Brigley and Bonita Tenn 6th
  • Club Eight Women  Hanlan 5th
  • High School Eight Men  Hanlan Juniors 5th

And U of T results were:

U of T - Women's Lightweight 4+ (2nd - by only 0.5 s) - Kate Nay, Kate Sauks, Jenn Seidel, Megan Lewicki, Margy Braga (Cox) U of T - Women's Lightweight 1x (3rd) - Kate Sauks U of T - Women's Lightweight 2x (4th) - Kate Nay, Megan Lewicki U of T - Men's Lightweight 1x (6th) - Jonathan Santos U of T - Men's Lightweight 2x (6th) - Jonathan Santos, Ryan Northway U of T - Heavy Men's 4+ (8th) - Emily Donaldson (Cox), Matthew Zhou, Andrei Vovk, Jack Rogers, Stefan Boraks U of T Novice Women's Eight (5th) U of T Novice Men's Eight (6th) U of T Heavy Women's 2x - Dnf - Popped an oarlock and went for a swim! Came back shivering, but in good spirits.