2012 CORA Regatta, Guelph

Hanlan crews, both Seniors and Masters, were very successful at the CORA Guelph Regatta held on Saturday June 23.  Seven gold medals were won out of the 14 events that were entered.  Other placings included one second, 2 thirds, and some fourths.  Congratulations to all the athletes that represented the Club.

  • Masters Men Single E  Steve Roedde   1st
  • Senior Men Single        Alex Soutter     1st
  • Masters Women Single B  Kelly Brigley  1st
  • Senior Women Pair  Meg Lewicki and Lee Sela  2nd
  • Senior Men Double  Alex Soutter and Ian Finlay 1st;  also Steve Malinas and Matt Zhou  1st
  • Senior Lightweight Women Single  Kate Sauks  1st
  • Senior Women Single   Tara Hunter  3rd
  • Masters Women Double C  Kelly Brigley and Allison Collins  1st