Havergal College Rowing Program

The co-curricular Athletics program at Havergal College enables girls to develop their full physical potential and strives to ensure that students receive the benefits of participation in athletics. The Athletics program reflects a progression from fundamental movement skills to high-level, sport-specific performance, and is designed to encourage a life-long enjoyment of physical activity as well as the development of sportsmanship, cooperation and leadership skills. 

The Havergal Rowing Program began in 1981/1982 with two enthusiastic boarding students — the Brown sisters from Thunder Bay — who were joined by several other Havergal students. In 1988, Havergal joined Hanlan Boat Club at Cherry Beach and the school’s teams have rowed out of Hanlan ever since. The first boats were also bought at that time. Through fundraising efforts over many years, the Havergal Rowing Program now boasts a fleet of excellent shells, ergs and tanks to allow student-athletes to train in the winter months. Havergal College is routinely on the podium at the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Championships and has won the women’s overall points trophy five times. 

Rowing at Havergal is organized and operated by the Havergal College Athletic Director and the Head Coach, with the assistance of a staff of dedicated and experienced coaches and the Parent Rowing Committee.

The Havergal Rowing Program strives to be a premier Canadian women’s high school rowing program with a tradition of competitive excellence and good sportsmanship. The school is proud that some of its past athletes, who were introduced to rowing at Havergal, have gone on to row for top university and college teams across North America as well as represent Canada at the Olympic Games. 

Goals of rowing at Havergal College:

  • Instill the love of sport
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through the benefit of sport
  • Experience the power of teamwork and the importance of trust
  • Teach good sportsmanship and have fun
  • Create a competitive environment in which students can excel
  • Boat a competitive program that can compete in the Canadian Secondary School Championships

Head Coach Emmanuel Azarcon : rowingcoach@havergal.on.ca