Q: What types of shells does Hanlan row?

A: Hanlan competes in traditional races (2000m and 5-6 km Head Races) in all varieties of sculling and sweep categories, with a focus on smaller crew boats.

Hanlan is also developing a Coastal Sculling Program with wider shells designed for rougher waters and marathon distances.

In sweep rowing, each rower handles a single oar while in sculling the rower uses two oars, or sculls. The hull of each shell is only about ¼ of an inch thick. This makes the shell as lightweight as possible but it also makes it fragile and susceptible to damage. As such, when getting in and out of any rowing shell rowers must never step in the bottom of the shell.  Always step onto the foot plate.

Each rower sits in the shell with their back to the direction the boat travels in. This means that rowers are unable to see where they are going unless they turn around.  In 8+ and 4+ boats, the shells are directed by coxies that sit at the front of the boat with his/her back facing the direction the boat is travelling towards. In straight boats, there is no coxie and the person sitting in the bow of the boat is responsible for steering the boat. 'Bow-seat' must turn around frequently to make sure that the shell is still on course and that no other shells or obstacles are in the way.

Q: When is the Rowing Season?

A: The rowing season runs from April to November each year depending on the Club Program. Please visit the HBC website to find out when each Club Program begins.


Q: How do I join the club?

A: All new rowers must take a Learn-to-Row Program before they are permitted on the water.  Please visit the HBC website to find out when the next Learn-to-Row begins.

If you have completed a Learn-to-Row sessions at another club, you do not need take the Learn-to-Row Program at HBC.  However, you must provide confirmation that you have completed a Learn-to-Row Program prior to being permitted on the water.

For experienced or competitive rowers, you can try out for the Competitive or Masters Programs, or you can continue to develop your skills within the Recreational Program.


Q: What equipment can I use?

A: HBC has Club shells and oars that can be used by members.  To receive a boat allocation, please speak to your Program Co-ordinator.  You can only use the boat assigned to you.  Taking out another crew’s boat will result in sanctions.


Limited storage is also available for members who wish to store a private single or double.  Please contact the Boat Storage Steward for information on storing private equipment.