The Boathouse Project


What is happening?

In fall 2018-winter 2019, Hanlan Boat Club will be replacing its existing structures with a new facility on its site at 6 Regatta Road.


Why is this happening?

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Our aging buildings are in a sorry state of repair, and can no longer handle the growing number of rowers and boats. In 2016, the Hanlan membership decided that a new, economical structure should be built to properly store all the equipment we have on site, with room for growth. This is a main objective of the club’s 2016-2020 strategic plan.

The facility project obtained Waterfront Toronto approval in October 2017, and a building permit application was submitted to the City of Toronto in June 2018, and approved July 26, 2018.


What are the main features of the new facility?

A more attractive and efficient use of our space to accommodate current and future equipment and users through;

  • A graded site

  • Aboat storage building 105 feet wide x 120 feet deep (12,600 square feet)

  • 5 bays, each with a bay door and man door at each end

  • Designated space in the boathouse for Hanlan and tenants’ equipment

  • Steel frame, polycarbonate cladding, polyethylene roofing

  • Electrical power and lighting in each bay

  • Boat racks with sliding arms; oar racks for vertical storage off the ground

  • Storage lockers for rowing and ancillary equipment

  • New chain link fence along the north side with multiple gates

  • Plantings of trees and shrubs to replace the vegetation on the current site



How much will this cost? Where is the money coming from?

The project team has a preliminary estimate of $531,000 and is working to re confirm this baseline figure through summer 2018.

In recent years Hanlan has been setting aside the storage portion of its annual revenues in a restricted Boat House fund, which now sits at $300,000 with an additional $40,000 +/- from 2018 revenues.    
The balance will come from asking all users to pre-pay five years of boat storage fees.

  1. Havergal and the University of Toronto have agreed in principle to this arrangement.

  2. Private boat owners will be asked to do the same. Pre-paid storage payment is available here.

  3. Hanlan will need to contribute its own pro-rata share of pre-paid rent.

  4. Donations from Hanlan members to date are; $15,000 actual and a further $25,000 pledged. Donations made via the NSTF site to the boat house fund are tax-receiptable. The current target for member donations is $100,000.


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What are the projected timelines?

  • By October 31, 2018

    • All users to remove their equipment from site

  • November-December 2018

    • Demolition, tree removal, grading, foundations

  • January-March 2019

    • Construction, lighting, electrical, interior fittings

  • April 2019

    • Users move back in to site


What does this mean for members?

Expect to help with the “move out” in October: we are working on a plan to store Hanlan rowing equipment in grounded containers on Regatta Road through the winter and this effort will need your muscle. Stay tuned.

Expect to help with the “move in” in March: contractors will handle the demolition and construction work, but we will need members to contribute with the assembly and installation of the boat and oar racks. And of course, getting our equipment back into its new home!

If you store a boat at the club: it will be your responsibility to remove your equipment in October – and you will have the option of storing it in one of the containers.  Anything not removed by the deadline will become part of the demolition.

The tenants have been advised that it is their responsibility to remove their equipment and to find suitable storage for it during the construction period.


For more information, contact a facility project team member:

Patrick, Pierre and Satinder are members of the Hanlan Boat Club board of directors.

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Gold $5,000 - $9,999

Barbara Prevedello

Beth Hornby and Marc Piche

Jean-Christophe Marly

Harry and Sue VanderLugt

Platinum $10,000+

Birch Hill Equity Partners


Bronze $500 - $999


Richard MacFarlane

Angela Rae

Virg Santos

Silver $1000 - $4,999

Janet Bolton

Mitchell Cohen

Deb Cumming

Sunny Edmunds

Hugh Fletcher

The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation – Ellie Sokolowski

Givertz-Steel Family

Lindell Lindblom Family

Francisca Quinn

Susie Wright

Honorary $1 - $499



Ilona Cygan

Peter Copland

Earle Family

Hall Family

Alex Featherston

Fortinet Technologies (Canada) ULC

Jeremy Garton

Luna Guha

Rob Higgs

Joanna Kolakowska

Juanita Koo


Thure Lindell

David Pass

Craig Thompson

Crystal Sitzer, Valerie Shepherd, Mary Ann Repa and Ingrid St. Pierre

Pam & Ted Willcocks