Hanlan Boat Club

Founded in 1975 by Sam Craig to establish the Upper Canada College Rowing Program, Hanlan Boat Club is home to Havergal College, Upper Canada College, the University of Toronto Varsity Rowing Team (the oldest rowing program in Canada), a thriving Competitive Club Membership, and a growing stable of Community Programs.

Our Vision

Hanlan Boat Club is known for quality and inclusivity in rowing.

Our Mission

To provide a range of opportunities that enable Torontonians to pursue rowing at all levels.

To support our mission we strive to:

  • Foster and celebrate great rowing and sportsmanship among Hanlan members, through expert coaching at all age and ability levels and at all transition periods

  • Demonstrate strong club leadership, efficient administration and sound business principles

  • Provide a fun, inclusive, respectful and ethical sporting environment

  • Be a responsible community and municipal leader and partner

  • Be an active contributor of athletes, coaches, officials and builders to the national and global rowing communities by maintaining memberships with Rowing Canada and ROWONTARIO, complying with recognized standards, and by voluntary and athletic participation in local, national and international competition.

Our Values

  • Inclusivity and club unity

  • Dedication through self-improvement and hard work

  • Rowing excellence

  • Competitive spirit and teamwork

  • Responsible corporate citizenship and leadership

  • Community service


In 1975, UCC parent, Sam Craig, formerly of Cadillac Fairview Corporation, acquired a lease for the current Regatta Road site in the Toronto Outer Harbour. Within a year, Sam purchased and had built on the property the first (east) Quonset hut. Since 1976, Hanlan youth men and women, representing either Hanlan or their high schools, competed at the CSSRA Championships, Royal Canadian Henley, Canadian Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics.

During the late 1980s the club began to grow with the increasing popularity of Masters rowing, for athletes over 27 years old, following the August 1985 12th FISA Veterans International Regatta and the inaugural World Masters Games. By 1989, Havergal College moved from the Argonaut Rowing Club to Hanlan. Sam Craig donated a second Quonset hut to accommodate the expanded fleet. A second dock was also constructed to accommodate the growth. From 1987, a formal executive committee was established and the running of Hanlan was led by Michael List and in the early 1990s by Debbie Beatty. Hanlan had over 200 members, including two high schools, Masters rowing enthusiasts, and a Learn-to-Row program.

In the mid-1990s, electricity was brought in and the road leading to the club was paved. A full summer program was in place with well over 100 athletes competing in various regattas. In 2000, the University of Toronto Rowing Club moved to Hanlan Boat Club, adding to the membership and combined fleet.


HBC currently offers a variety of programs; Learn-to-Row, Junior Summer and Fall Competitive, Senior Summer and Fall Competitive, Masters Competitive, Long Distance Adventure, Recreational and Summer Youth Watersports. The Strategic Plan includes the development of a Corporate League and the possibility of other programs, e.g. Adaptive.

Ned Hanlan

Hanlan Boat Club, named after the world-famous sculler Edward β€œNed” Hanlan has a rich and colourful history on Lake Ontario. Read about Ned's life here: The Life of Ned Hanlan by Richard MacFarlane

Board Members

HBC is run by a Board of Directors, which is elected for three-year terms. 

The elected Board members are all volunteers. This is the management committee of the Club and meets throughout the year.  The Head Coach is invited to attend most meetings.


Club President

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